My monthly inspiration

Here’s my monthly inspiration before Benoit and I fly to Wisconsin on Sunday (Three days away already!?).  Talk about feeling rushed and nervous – we just kind of started packing and still need to clean everything which will happen Saturday night, I’m sure.  Wish us luck! Xx

my Monthly Inspiration

Things I like | People + companies who inspire me 

Simply Earth

This company is based in Wisconsin (which I think is pretty cool), and I found them through Instagram.  They sell essential oils and also offer a subscription box that’s all DIY.  While I can’t give a testimonial to their products as I haven’t yet been able to try them, what sparked my interest and love for them is that they also use their company as a platform for talking about human trafficking, and they donate 13% of their profits to causes that help stop it.

LoveChock Chocolate bars

For my birthday this month I got two chocolate bars from this company.  Not only are they one of my top vegan chocolate bar picks for taste, but also for the environment-their packaging is 100% compostable.  This is so important to think about because plastic is terrible for both our health and the environment (it seeps into the food that’s in it and its chemicals causes harm to our planet and creatures).  So thank you, Lovechock, for spreading the Plastic Pollutes message and coming up with an alternative!  They also have really inventive flavors such as cacao nibs with sea salt, blueberry and hempseed, and almond and baobab.

Baking with vegetables


I love trying out new recipes, and I’ve recently been interested in using vegetables (squash, sweet potato, beets, etc.) in baking. For the past few years for my birthday I like to kind of go all out with choosing a cake and do something  different.  So when I found a cake on Pinterest that uses beets and chocolate, I knew that it was what I wanted for my cake this year.  I got the recipe here.  Also I should mention the best vegan chocolate frosting I’ve ever made, which has avocados in it! Super creamy and delicious.

The One Part Podcast

I started listening to Jessica Murnane when I was pregnant with Benoit, fell off the podcast bandwagon (how that’s possible I’m not sure) and started up again this month. And now I’ve been listening to this podcast all. Month. Long.  Mainly when cooking.  You know, when you’re home with a baby all day you can go kind of crazy and listening to podcasts bring back a little sanity in me.  Adult conversations and all.  So the hostess, Jessica Murnane, interviews different figures in the wellness (mainly plant-based food) community.  I’ve appreciated being able to listen in on conversations and advice from people who are doing such inspiring things.

Local Milk blog

Another oldie but goodie.  As in, I was totally into her blog back when we were living in Ireland three years ago when I found her through the blog farmette, and all of a sudden (okay, due to her being interviewed on the One Part Podcast) I started reading her blog again and seeing what she’s been up to lately.  She is a food blogger (though not plant based) and now her website is focusing a bit more on life and wellness.  Her moody photography is just gorgeous, and that along with the fact that she makes amazing things is getting me to dapple in the art of food photography.


Who or what inspired you this month?



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