February Reflection and March…goals?


A little early of a reflection as February isn’t exactly done yet, but seeing as we fly out the 26th I don’t think I’ll have much time the last days of February to write a reflection.

Actually, there isn’t much to reflect upon goals-wise.  It’s kind of been a ‘meh’ month.  I could blame it on going on the week-long vacation as to why I wasn’t able to accomplish or stick to them, but I’m starting to think that maybe this system I have in place isn’t the way I want to go about accomplishing things.

First off it’s my mindset.  I think that I can choose a million goals and get them all done, or that I should be able to get them all done, and then when I don’t I kind of freak.  I realized that back in my January reflection, and so I decided to choose just a few goals for February.  Annnnnd, I still wasn’t able to follow through.

The truth is, I’m in a really up-in-the-air situation at the moment, and have been for the past year.  With the arrival of our baby, and then having the whole of 2016 of not knowing where we’re going to be for at least the next couple of years (we still don’t know), my mind has been pretty clouded, and I’ve been losing steam.  I’ve been overtiring myself mentally with trying to “figure out” what it is I’m going to “do with my life”.  I put quotations on both of these terms because as time goes on I’m finding them both quite ridiculous, actually.  I’ve come to accepting that, despite wanting to find a fulfilling (career) path – and let’s face it, who doesn’t – it doesn’t have to happen right now, and maybe it’s not meant to.  I need to have faith in who I am and as well as in God, that things will work themselves out, with no time expectations.

So with all of that said, I’m devoting this year to self care and development.  And not thinking about extrinsic goals (Deciding on/finding a career or opening a business, impressing others, etc.).

I had a revelation the other day concerning self care.  I was kind of confused with why I wasn’t following through with things, such as my morning routine or working out.  I had everything planned out but I would never follow through with it.  It was then that I had my small ephiphany on what can help me with these habits that can help my self growth.

1. Doing an act of self care doesn’t mean you have to like it.  Sure, things like massages and pedicures are great examples of self care, and I would never skip out on one of those appointments, but….. there are many other things that I have a hard time making time for because I’m usually being too lazy and giving in to the weakness of the moment (taking a nap over working out, going on social media rather than reading a book).

2.  Self care is about respecting who I am, mind and body.  And so if I don’t feel like getting up at 5:30am to do my morning routine – well too bad because I want to respect myself enough to know that it is something that betters me as a person and makes me stay sane.  So I’ll do it.

So while I don’t yet have concrete goals for the month of March, these are the things and ideas that are floating around in my mind at the moment:

  1.  Spending less time on social media.  Ever since I got a smart phone (last November) I’ve been spending too much time on it and not doing other things (reading, writing, etc.) that would be more beneficial to me.
  2. Sucking it up and doing the thing that I know will benefit me, even if in the moment I want to be lazy and do something else (like nap. Ahhh, naps).
  3. Not constantly looking at what everyone else is doing – which is often a cause of jealousy, lack of originality and creativity, and can even cause self hate (yes, I’m speaking from experience) and instead shift my focus to what I am doing – and show some self-appreciation for it.
  4. Showing myself a little more understanding, a little more appreciation, and a little more love.  Speaking to myself as I would a friend.

How are your resolutions, intentions, goals, etc. going? And how do you practice self care?



2 thoughts on “February Reflection and March…goals?

  1. Oh my… I could have written this whole blog post myself. I just put one up quickly because I needed to let steam out but if I had sat down and thought about it some more, it would have been like you. The realization that self care is not always easy but it’s important. I’ve done my morning and evening routines a few times this past month and every time, I feel so much better. This is why I’m keeping up with it! 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration and putting words on my feelings when I needed it!
    Here’s to a year of self care and self love!


    1. Thank you, and I’m so glad you felt inspired by it! Exactly -self care- it can require such self discipline and determination but it is so essential and worth it to be your best self. Xx

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