Our little family vacation in France

After one week of vacation, we are now back home in our cold, cloudy Berlin.  The Thursday before we hopped on board a plane to Marseille.  Adam’s dad had organized a ski trip for the family in a small town in the mountains called Arvieux.  We decided to extend our stay so that we could first visit some friends in Aix en Provence, where we used to live, and then visit Adam’s grandparents in Versailles, who hadn’t yet met Benoit.

Aix en Provence

Going back to Aix for vacation is a little bit of a tease for me.  Maybe even for the both of us.  Because it’s SO beautiful, and it just makes you want to move there.  The weather, the architecture, the food, people…the weather….

We stayed at a friend’s house the Thursday night and on Friday met up with more friends in a new cafe and at a nearby park to let the kiddos run around.



Friday afternoon we took a bus to a nearby town to meet Adam’s brother, who we rode with to the mountains.  The trip was pretty long, and while we were riding up in the mountains Benoît had his first bout of car sickness.  We were just glad that it was from the swerving and not a virus or anything that would’ve had him sick the whole weekend.

Adam had taken me to this little mountain town two summers ago, when I was pregnant with Benoît.  When he was a boy, his family used to ski in this town every year.  It was so special to be there again, this time in winter and with our little boy.

On Saturday the boys went skiing, and I stayed behind with Benoît in the gite (which is like a large cabin).  I am not a skier and am still a bit scarred from my experience five years ago in the Alps, so I decided to skip out this time.  When everyone got back we enjoyed some wine and cheese around a long table.

The next day, Sunday, we all had lunch together at the local restaurant before saying goodbye and parting ways.  We drove to my father-in-law’s apartment and stayed with him for the night, and then took off early Monday morning to head for Paris.



Monday was a very long day of travel for us.  Marseille to Versailles by car, then train, then train again, then bus.  We were in transport from 8am-3 or 4pm.  Benoît handled it all really well, except for the first train ride when it was his nap time.  He has the hardest time falling asleep anywhere that’s not his own bed, but he was able to manage after an hour of full-on crankiness.


The last time we had seen Louis and Solange, Adam’s grandparents, was also the two summers ago when I was pregnant.  They were thrilled to meet their grandson.  I can’t believe it had really been that long since we last saw them, and I hope we can visit them again this summer or fall.

They live in this grand old house which is decorated in a very Victorian manner, and with all of the statues and paintings, it gives you the feeling of being in a another time period, or even a museum (but with comfy chairs).

We flew out of the Orly airport back to Berlin Wednesday night.  Happy to say that it was another successful flight for Benoît and ourselves.  We lucked out and got a third seat open next to us on both flights, so Benoît could better amuse himself with his toys.




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