How to Make Hemp Milk

Good morning and happy Wednesday!  Tomorrow we are going on vacation to visit my in-laws + co in France so it is all smiles around here.  We are flying into Aix-en-Provence and staying with friends, then going to the Alps for a day of skiing (sledding for me), and finally taking a train up to Paris and staying with Adam’s grandparents.  We are both excited for this little six-day break before we ship off to Hamburg and Adam starts his new job.

But now – let’s get to the hemp milk!


I have to be honest and tell you that it is actually my husband Adam who is the chief of making our nut and seed milk around our house.  I used to make almond milk, but after finding out how easy and convenient hemp milk is to make, we converted.  Along with being easy, it also offers amazing health benefits, such as omega-3 essential fatty acids.

So for this week’s My Homemade Week, I am the one making it.  I followed the recipe from The Plant Power Way, my cookbook of the month.  Here’s what I did:

1. Pour three cups cold water and add in one cup hemp seeds to a blender.

2. Blend on high for a minute.

3. Strain, if desired (I don’t, I find it just fine)

4. Optional: Pour back into the blender and add in a sweetener of choice (maple syrup, stevia, agave syrup).  Again, I don’t do always do this as I think it tastes fine as is.

I’ve also seen recipes that say you could use one cup hemp seeds to five or even six cups of water.  It’s up to your personal preference.

After making my regular hemp milk, I decided to make some chocolate hemp milk – always a good idea, right!?  So I added in two tablespoons to half of my already-made batch and blended again.

As tomorrow is la chandeleur and my husband is French, I decided to celebrate a day early as it’s not certain we’ll get to a creperie tomorrow (ironic as how we’ll be in France then, I know).  I used the hemp milk to make some vegan crepes from the blog the Simple Vegan Blog.

Happy National Crepe Day!


What’s your favorite kind of nut or seed milk?




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