My Monthly Inspiration (#1)


Welcome to My Monthly Inspiration, one of my favorite posts I do in which I look back at the month and share people, groups, things, podcasts-you name it-that have inspired me in some way or other.  And I think they might inspire you, too!

There are people or things that can inspire us every day, and this month I had the brilliant idea of finally taking notes in my bullet journal so I don’t forget them!  I also keep a notebook handy when I go out in case I see something while on-the-go and I can quick write it down.

My Monthly Inspiration (#1):

The Slow Home Podcast 

It was either  when I was doing an online search on all things minimalism or through someone on Instagram that I found this podcast.  I am just starting to listen to Podcasts and I’m happy that this is one of the first that I’ve discovered.  Brooke and Ben talk about slowing down your life and focusing on things that are truly important to you.  They interview many fascinating people who are also choosing to live this way.  As a plus, Brooke’s voice is incredibly calming and I could listen to it all day (weird? Maybe).

Making (instead of buying) your own whipped body lotion

I stopped buying lotion a couple years ago.  I now prefer oils, shea butter, or coconut oil and they all work very well.  But I was intrigued by the whipped body lotion recipes I’ve found and decided this month I would give it a go.  I loosely followed a recipe from Wellness Mama, mixing coconut oil, shea butter, and olive oil, beating it for 10 minutes, then storing it in the fridge for at least a couple of hours.  I prefer this texture over straight-up oils, which can leave your skin feeling greasy for awhile after application.

Hannah Theisen of Life + Style + Justice

While doing a search on fast fashion and what happens behind the scenes in the clothing industry, I came across Life Style Justice.  Hannah’s blog discusses all things ethical as well as social justice.  What got me excited was that she chooses to write more than about ethical clothing but articles that shine light on important topics such as worker exploitation in the fashion industry, as well. This year she says she wants to focus more on human trafficking, which I find to be an underserved focus. Brava, Hannah!

Amanda Schenkenberger of Move the Mountains

Amanda has a brilliant blog and store all about Bible journaling.  What I find especially inspiring is the fact that she offers FREE monthly Bible journaling prompts and guides for you to follow along with or work at your own pace.  She also makes and sells Bible journals, supplies and Bible studies.  For the month of February she’s offering a journaling series called Worship is more than a song – you have until the end of January to sign up on her website if you’d like to participate!

Kelly of Copper Moon Mama and the Sacred Legacy Arts team

I follow Kelly on Instagram and I adore reading her thoughtful posts that encourage women to be their best.  She also shares on all things conscious consumerism and minimalism.  She also is the founder of Sacred Legacy Arts, an online store that specializes in creating jewelry from your most treasured memories (breast milk, flowers, fabric, and more).

And last, but not least…

the Red Kuri (or Red Hokkaido) Squash

OK, so I didn’t discover find out about this squash this month, but as it’s winter and pumpkins are in season and all I’ve been using it a lot.  I saw it for the first time about a year ago when we were living in France, but didn’t really cook with it until about five months ago – basically because I wasn’t sure what to do with it!  In France it’s called potimarron and it’s very popular.  My favorite way to use it is in soups.  It has a really creamy texture to it and you can even leave the skin on, if you like (make sure it’s organic).  My all-time favorite recipe for it is from Half Baked Harvest, called Thai Pumpkin Laksa.  I have a picture of it posted on my Instagram account if you want to go see it.  YUM.

What inspired you this month?




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